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The Beginner Cleanse contains four 16-oz juices plus one immunity elixir. Start your day with juice and end with a regular meal. Many repeat cleansers like to do a Beginner Cleanse as a system reset if they have been eating unhealthily.


This is our beloved traditional cleanse, which Jujubeet has offered since we opened. Based entirely on vegetables and fruits, with no nut milks, the Signature is a little less filling than the Pro Cleanse because it contains less protein and fat. We recommend this for experienced cleansers or for those interested in a shorter cleanse.

Pro Cleanse

$84.00 / day


The Pro is our most wholesome and filling cleanse, ideal for either beginners or experienced cleansers. This is a very green, lower-sweet version of the Signature, with added protein and healthy fats. If you are considering doing a cleanse lasting 3+ days, this is the one we recommend.



Think of a juice cleanse as a reboot to your system.
A way to detox and recalibrate your body so you can achieve physical goals, such as:

  • Eating healthier & conquering cravings.
  • Boosting your immune system, increasing energy and improving mental clarity.
  • Overcoming digestive problems like sluggishness or bloating.
  • Reducing inflammation and giving your skin new vibrancy.

Our body comes equipped with a wonderful detoxification system which includes the liver, kidney, intestine, lungs, lymph system, and skin. These organs are in charge of breaking down and eliminating toxins. Unfortunately, our bodies are also bombarded daily with a load of toxins through the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the water we drink. On top of that, most people do not eat a diet rich in the nutrient-dense whole foods needed to optimize our detoxification system.

During a juice cleanse, you will abstain from your ordinary diet and consume instead a variety of drinks formulated from spices and juiced vegetables, fruits, herbs, and roots. Jujubeet cleanses, in particular, are made with organic ingredients. Each Jujubeet “juice” will saturate your body with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and other phytonutrients – food that will literally heal you from the inside out.

You may wonder, “Why juice? Why not eat the whole food?” Eating fruits and vegetables in their whole form should definitely be part of a healthy diet. But how much kale, spinach, carrots, or other fruits and vegetables would you need to eat, to get the same amount of nutrients contained in a 16-oz juice? Juicing allows the raw fruits and vegetables to deliver the highest nutrient load in the most efficient manner, straight into your bloodstream and cells. By removing the insoluble fiber, your body can better absorb the high-quality nutrients found in cold-pressed juice. But don’t worry – at Jujubeet we know your body needs some of that roughage to keep things moving along, and each cleanse package also includes a daily, fiber-rich beverage.

In fact, all the delicious juices and smoothies in our Jujubeet Cleanses were formulated by our dietitian and approved by Dr. Bizzy Riley a naturopathic primary care provider located in Issaquah. They contain, as much as possible, locally grown, organic vegetables and fruits, and are cold-pressed the night before or the morning of your cleanse.

While a juice cleanse gives your body a break from toxic foods and most food allergens, be aware that it is not meant as a quick fix or an ongoing weight-loss solution.

You can use your cleanse, however, as a period to identify healthy habits and learn more about your body and which foods make you feel better or worse. Observing a short pre-cleanse and post-cleanse period will further optimize your results and make the cleanse more enjoyable. So treat yourself to a Jujubeet Cleanse and feel what healthy feels like!


Jujubeet offers three different Cleanse levels, but they all follow the same steps and structure.

1. Decide on your cleanse goals, taking into consideration your schedule and health. Feel free to contact our dietitian or stop by Jujubeet for suggestions and guidance from the Cleanse Team.

2. Review your schedule to choose a time for your cleanse that allows you to rest, if necessary, and to avoid stressful activities. Sign up online or in the store for your cleanse, at least 24 hours before it begins, so the juices can be made and picked up fresh!

3. Observe a pre-cleanse period of one to three days to wean yourself from unhealthy foods, depending on your current eating and drinking habits. More detailed descriptions of this process will be given to you after you sign up.

4. Pick up your fresh juices the morning you begin, and each morning for as long as your cleanse continues. The Beginner Cleanse includes four 16-oz bottles of juice and one 1-oz elixir, while the Signature and Pro Cleanses include six 16-oz bottles of juice and two 1-oz elixirs. The juices included vary by cleanse. A member of our Cleanse Team will be happy to describe the cleanse process to you when you pick up and answer any questions.

We have designed the cleanses to be as simple as possible, so you don’t have to do anything but drink the beverages in order, according to the schedule we give you.When the cleanse is over, make positive choices about how you will continue to eat, to maintain the benefits of your cleanse until the next time around!


Review your schedule to choose a time for your cleanse that allows you to rest, if necessary, and to avoid stressful activities.

At least one to three days before your juice cleanse, cut out the following from your diet:

  • Alcohol
  • Added sugars
  • Refined carbohydrates such as white flour
  • Any artificial colors, flavors, or additives as are typically found in processed foods
  • Caffeinated beverages.

Tips on kicking caffeine. Caffeine is an addictive stimulant with pronounced withdrawal symptoms. Going “cold turkey” can cause headaches and other unpleasant effects, so you will want to wean yourself gradually over the pre-cleanse period. For example, if you normally drink three cups of coffee per day, reduce by one cup of coffee per day on the three days before the cleanse.

As much as possible, follow a vegan diet during the whole cleanse period. This means, no eggs, no meat, and no dairy, before, during, or right after the cleanse. Go through your kitchen and remove any foods that might tempt you during the cleanse. Avoid a last-minute, pre-cleanse “binge.” It can make following through with the cleanse that much harder!


Only consume the drinks included in your cleanse package, taking care to follow the order assigned to them. You should be consuming a drink from the cleanse about every two hours during the day.

Drink lots of clean, filtered water during the juice cleanse. Although you are drinking juices throughout the day, you still need to drink plenty of water, as some of the vegetables and herbs in our juices can act as diuretics. You can jazz up the water with lemon for flavoring. Organic herbal teas are fine, too. Avoid caffeinated drinks.

If you find yourself craving solid food a good trick is to drink the juices slowly and pretend to “chew” them. If you absolutely feel like adding some solid food into your cleanse, try cucumber slices, raw or steamed broccoli, or avocado.

You can still do sports during your cleanse. However, it is best to listen to your body. Each person reacts differently to a cleanse. You may feel energized or a little sluggish. Remember, this is a break from life as usual…so your body may rebel a bit! At the minimum, we would recommend walking or doing yoga, if that is part of your routine. If you are a very active person and think that you might need more protein during the cleanse, please talk to our dietitian or a member of our Cleanse Team so that we can upgrade your cleanse package accordingly.

Take this opportunity to pamper yourself. Treat yourself to a massage, if you can! Take a nap or go to bed early with a good book.

Most people feel great. Because everyone is unique and may react differently during a juice fast, we cannot accurately predict what you may or may not experience. Some people experience headaches, constipation, diarrhea, or other symptoms. Headaches can often be a symptom of caffeine withdrawal. Hence the importance of tapering your caffeine consumption pre-cleanse! These are normal for the most part and should clear up – monitor your situation closely. If you have any health concerns, please make sure to consult your health care practitioner prior to starting a juice cleanse.


First of all, give yourself a big pat on the back!

When you end the cleanse, you may be tempted to indulge yourself for your hard work – try to resist that temptation! You will benefit more from the juice cleanse and make it easier on your body if you take it slowly and choose foods wisely. Our Jujubeet nutritionist has created a post-cleanse sample meal plan which will be given to you the first day of your cleanse.

Now that you’ve recalibrated your system, take the opportunity to review your eating habits and make positive choices going forward. Were you a sugar addict? Not getting enough vegetables and fruit? Eating too many processed or junk foods made of refined flours and chemical additives? What can you change? Any small change will be great – until the next cleanse!


For more nutrition-related information or questions, please contact our Jujubeet dietitian

Elena Razmpoosh MS, RD, CD

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