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One Day FLEX

 Okay Cleansing Afficionados - you asked and we listened!
The Jujubeet One Day FLEX is for those of you who want a little extra kick in your spring routine, your Jujubeet Cleanse, or as an add on to your 10-Day SUN SEEKER RESET. We took four of our Potent Tonics from our Best-Selling Cleanses, Two Boosting Elixirs and built a One Day program! 
What will arrive with the One Day FLEX: 
1 Master Cleanse Tonic
1 Detox Tonic
1 Flu Buster
1 Liver Purifier
1 Super Immunity Elixir
1 Anti-Inflammation Elixir

Are you new to cleansing? See Jujubeet FAQs and Suggestions from our team! 

One Day FLEX



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    We create our juices fresh, daily and made-to-order. While this allows us to control quality, and make the best, freshest juice possible it takes a little extra time and planning on our end.  This means we require at least a 48 hour notice

    Thanks for your patience.

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    We always offer free pick up 8am-10 am at our production located in Factoria.

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