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Brunch on the Boat


Boating Vibes!
Our newest bundle Brunch on the Boat includes:

4 Grain-Free Matcha Parfaits
(This is a new summer menu item - SO GOOD. It's a swirl of Grain Free Matcha and Coconut Yogurt, topped with mango, passionfruit and roasted hazelnuts

4 Blueberry Muffins
A classic Jujubeet Gluten-Free Muffin

4 Coffee Almond Bliss
Yay for Coffee

4 Citrus Blast 
Pro Tip: add Champagne for Mimosas. That makes it healthy, right?
Jujubeet Owner, Bianca Syzperski, has been offering fun Jujubeet Boating Brunches to local clients and friends for many years. We thought, this year, let's make it official! Enjoy. 

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