The health benefits of journaling

Posted on November 18 2016

By Niki Amini-Naieni, Jujubeet student intern


Journaling is a therapeutic way of staying mentally healthy every day. Writing uncovers the many unexplored corners of a person's mind.  Journaling allows time for individual contemplation and understanding.  This meditative practice will not only strengthen your communication skills but will also tap into your intuition. 

 Journaling has been known to strengthen one’s IQ and sense of mindfulness. The act of writing daily also increases self-discipline and focus. Especially in our tech-heavy world, it’s important to spend a few moments off of the screen to reflect and connect inwardly. And polishing the mind and memory is very important for maintaining positive brain health and comprehension skills. Doing this can improve your corporate life and personal life, benefits that far surpass the sacrifice of ten minutes a day.

 Set aside at least ten minutes before proceeding. Pour yourself a warm cup of tea, snatch a cozy blanket, journal, and pen, and read the prompts below. These are meant to help guide your journaling in case you need inspiration. If you do not enjoy using prompts, don't feel obliged to respond to them. Remember journaling is about freeing up space to connect, not forcing it.




  1. What today did you find admirable or inspiring? Why was this so admirable or inspiring?


  1. Remember something that made you smile. What or who was it? When was it? How did you feel?


  1. Write a letter to yourself ten years later. What would you like to remember? What advice would you pass on?


  1. What is your favorite quote and why?


  1. If you were the wind’s interpreter, what would it say?


  1. Remember a warm memory from your childhood. What made it so memorable? Describe it.


  1. What is your favorite holiday or season and why?


  1. Who in your life do you love? How do you show him or her appreciation? What do you love about him or her?


  1. Walk to the window or go outside into nature. Notice the color of the sky and the plants around you. Close your eyes and listen to the birds and any other creatures. Notice the details of your surroundings. Do you notice anything new? What lessons does nature have to reveal? Breathe in the fresh air, and describe your surroundings in detail. How does this help you stay present?


I hope that this practice has helped you connect inwardly and reduced your stress. I suggest journaling for at least ten minutes a day to experience consistent results.  Journaling is often most rewarding when done in the morning or right before bedtime.




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