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Posted on August 17 2018

Article by Lindsey Arnold at Velvet Report

The first question that I get asked when I say I sell vegan beauty products is, “can I eat them?” The second question is, “what makes regular beauty products not vegan?” Traditional beauty products contain a variety of animal products in them including carmine (crushed beetles), lanolin (wool wax), fish scales, animal fats, gelatin, and retinol, to name a few.

I started Velvet Report in 2017 to educate people about vegan beauty products and to show that they could be just as luxurious, fun, and efficacious as non-vegan products. Velvet Report consists of a blog, YouTube channel, and shop selling curated sets and our own line of skincare products. Velvet Report is Leaping Bunny Certified and PETA Certified Vegan & Cruelty-Free. Our curated sets feature many local vegan beauty brands from female-founded companies!


Rose Vegan Beauty Set – featuring 3 rose-scented vegan skincare products

vegan beauty products 

Coco Rose Lip Conditioner by Herbivore Botanicals

Herbivore was founded by Julia Wills and Alexander Kummerow, a wife and husband team who started by making natural soaps in their Seattle kitchen. What began as a hobby, grew into an Etsy shop, followed by global retail domination in the growing natural beauty space. I chose this Coco Rose Lip Conditioner because of its clean ingredients and the fact that it moisturizes your lips just as well (if not better) than any lanolin-based lip balm.

Rose Tone by Kani Botanicals

Everyone I know who has tried the Rose Tone spray from Kani raves about how it smells heavenly and how it makes their skin feel. Stephanie from Spokane, WA started the brand as a way to solve her own sensitive skin woes. She learned a lot along the way about holistic nutrition and cosmetic chemistry, and used this along with her Columbian heritage to create a brand that is truly special in every way.

Rosehip & Clay Mask by Formulary 55

I was surprised to find out when researching Formulary 55 that it also has roots in Washington State! Cordelia started to make bath and body products in her kitchen back in 1993 and later had her own retail store in the University District. Now located in Colorado, Cordelia still stays true to the original tenants of making small batch hand-made skincare products. This powder-to-clay mask gently pulls out impurities while giving your skin a beautiful glow.


Vegan Makeup Starter Kit – featuring 4 full-sized vegan makeup products

vegan beauty product box

Eyeshadow Palette by Antonym Cosmetics

From Cannes to London to Miami, professional makeup artist Valerie Giraud went on quite a journey to before starting Antonym Cosmetics. Founded in 2010 on the belief that “your skin deserves clean ingredients”, Antonym creates certified organic makeup products with sustainable packaging that are adored by celebrities and natural beauty lovers worldwide. You get to choose between two of their bestselling eyeshadow palettes when you purchase this makeup kit.

Lipstick by Axiology

As a longtime vegan, Ericka Rodriguez started Axiology in Bend, OR due to her struggles to find cruelty-free, vegan, and natural makeup. And thank goodness she did! If you’ve tried an Axiology lipstick, you know they are truly special. Made from 10 organic ingredients, these lipsticks come in twenty-seven gorgeous shades (you get a choice between two in this kit) and their packaging is made of recycled materials from Bali.

Mascara by Lily Lolo

Mascara has to be the number one thing people ask me about when they are looking to go vegan and cruelty-free with their makeup. Thankfully, I have an easy answer for them – Lily Lolo. Founded by Vikki Khan when she began mixing up mineral makeup at her home in England 10 years ago, Lily Lolo makes the perfect mascara for everyday – adds a bit of volume and length that make your lashes look naturally amazing.

Lumiere: Luminous Complexion Fluid by Gressa

Another business based in Seattle, Gressa was founded by Svetlana out of her “desire to create something very special and worthy of a woman’s delicate skin.” And that’s exactly what she did! Svetlana used her scientific background and family tradition of herbalism to create ritual-inspired skincare items as well as cosmetics. What I love about Gressa products is that every item feels like something you haven’t seen before, from their serum foundations to the liquid blush that everyone is pleasantly surprised by in the Velvet Report Vegan Makeup Starter Kit.


lindsey arnold velvet report

A Note About Velvet Report

As a vegan myself, I know how important it is to trust that your beauty products are completely free of animal cruelty. I only create and sell products that are both cruelty-free and vegan, rigorously researching the source of each ingredient to make sure they meet these standards. For the Velvet Report line of products, I only work with manufacturers that can provide source information about ingredients so that I can trust that they are indeed 100% vegan.

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