Jujubeet Cleanses 101

Posted on September 23 2015

By Sarah Craven

Cleanse Overview
Juice cleanses are a great tool for several health-related goals such as the reduction of cravings, mindless eating, and inflammation. They can also help boost the immune system and energy levels as well as improve complexion and mental clarity. While cleanses are not meant to be used as a weight loss solution, we do believe that they can help transition you to a healthier diet which can ultimately lead to sustainable weight loss. During a juice cleanse, much (if not all) weight that is lost during a cleanse program is simply water weight. However, it is quite common to experience a reduction in sluggishness and bloating, which will certainly make you feel leaner. The most common length of a cleanse is three days, but they can range anywhere from one to five days depending on an individual’s goals.

Cleanses We Offer
At Jujubeet, we offer three cleanses: the Beginner, Signature, and Pro. The Beginner is a great starting point for someone who is nervous about doing a cleanse because you’re combining a half-day juice cleanse with food. You can follow our tips and make your own food or choose your dinner from our healthy store menu. The Signature is our “intermediate-level” option and is typically meant for cleanses lasting three days or less. The Pro is by far the most substantial of our cleanses with added protein and healthy fats.

We Support You
We understand that cleanses can be intimidating. If the thought of having only juice for even half a day makes you nervous – don’t worry! Our nutritionist, Leslie, and dietitian, Elena, will be in contact with you during your cleanse to support you and make sure that everything is going smoothly. No matter if you’re already eating healthy or if you are looking to transition to a healthier diet, we will help you to have a great cleanse experience!

Are You Ready?
Interested in signing up for a cleanse with us? Visit our website, give us a call, or stop in at any of our stores: we’d be happy to work with you and find the cleanse that fits your goals as well as answer any questions you might have!


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