5 Steps to Mental Health and Nourishment

Detox for Mental Health 

Nourishment comes in many forms and while we often include many parts of our body when it comes to detoxing, we often fail to include our mind. Here are five easy ways to start prioritizing your mental health for a full-body detox. 

Step 1: Take a Life Inventory

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Taking a snapshot of where your mental health is helps to create a baseline. 

This is an essential step because what gets measured gets changed. You wouldn’t create a budget without taking note of your income and spending and the same goes for other major life changes.

Ask yourself these questions in regards to the eight life categories: health, relationships, finance, career or business, personal and spiritual development, recreation and fun, environment, and service or contribution:

● On a scale from 1-10 where am I currently in these categories?

● Where do I want to be on a scale from 1-10?

● What would that look like?

Be honest with yourself. No one else has to see it! You can use this snapshot of your life as a jumping-off point to build your dream.

Step 2: Ask Yourself Questions

When trying to make a change do a total mind detox, it is essential to ask yourself good, forward-moving questions. We’ve been taught to ask others questions whenever we think we don’t know. But the truth is, you have all the answers. You might not have noticed but your brain is already doing this. This way when you ask yourself negative questions, like “why can I never lose weight?” Your brain will produce negative answers. It will find evidence that makes your question true.

Contrast that with a more positive question like “how can I incorporate more healthy eating into my diet?” Your brain will find more empowering answers.

Here are some questions to help you get started:

● What can I do to help me follow my joy?

● Are there sacrifices I need to make in order to accomplish this?

● When will I start?

● What am I grateful for?

● How can I get 30 minutes of exercise a day?

Powerful questions will get you powerful answers.

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Step 3: Don’t Let Worry Take Over Your Life

Worry is an emotion that doesn’t serve you. One of the biggest factors holding most of us back when trying to stick with life changes is our tendency to worry. This is a defense mechanism to keep you worried about the future or dwell on mistakes from the past. In order to move forward, recognize that worry isn’t protecting you but rather holding you back.

First, you can accept what is out of your control. Accept that you can’t control what other people think about you, you can’t change the past from a decision you’ve made, and you can’t predict the future.

Second, remind yourself you have the ability to cope with whatever happens and bring yourself back to the present moment. Remembering that you have the ability to find solutions and handle whatever life throws at you gives you back all of your power.

Step 4: Establish Priorities

Before taking any action, you must decide where your priorities lie.

Using the eight life categories from Step 1, create big visions around what you would like around each of them. These should be broad as that is what a vision is supposed to be. Getting down to specifics is the next step.

Your vision should be something you want to do. When detoxing old thought patterns, don’t let a critical inner-voice or imposter syndrome hold you back. This is your life and your vision for it can be anything you want!

Once you have finished, take notice of the different visions and how they fit together. Are there patterns? Is one contingent on the other? When you recognize these patterns or themes, it makes it easier to decide which is a higher priority and what you should start taking action on right away.

Step 5: Create Goals

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The last step in your mental nourishment is creating actionable goals that get you one step closer to your greater life vision.

A popular and effective method is creating SMART goals. This is an acronym that means they are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely. The more your goal adheres to these, the more likely you are to reach it.

Your goals should stretch you and force you out of your comfort zone. This is where growth happens.

Why Get a Mindset Coach?

The Beatles famously sang “I get by with a little help from my friends.” Friends are an important part of life but sometimes we all need an objective third party to help us draw out our own wisdom and come to our own conclusions.

This is where a coach comes in. If friends help you “get by”, a coach helps you grow to the next level of yourself. A Mindset- Coach works by asking you forward-moving questions, helps you create an action plan, and can aid in providing accountability.

When you start to work on your own personal development, it creates a ripple effect that starts to positively effect other parts of your life too!

About the Author:

Mental health with Torey Schell

I’m Torey Schell, a Certified Life Coach and personal development blogger at lovelyandgreen.com. I work with women to help them master their mindset and take forward-moving action that takes their life to the next level. After learning the magic of reframing thoughts to manage my own mindset, I became passionate about teaching others how to face their own.

You can find me on my blog, Lovely and Green, Instagram, and Facebook. To start your own personal development journey, sign up for my free mindset course, Overcome the Overwhelm Training and learn even more about what you can do for a mental detox.

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