Why We Do Not Use High Pressure Processing

Posted on December 22 2014

At Jujubeet, we choose to never use high pressure processing (HPP) to pasteurize our juices.

HPP is new in the cold-pressed juice world and has sparked much controversy, and even law suits! 

By placing juice under an intense amount of pressure,  HPP kills potentially harmful pathogens, and extends the "life" of the juice from 3 days to 30. This allows juice companies to sell their product in grocery stores, due to HPP fitting with pasteurization standards as well as the ability of the juice to last on a shelf. Supporters of HPP claim that no nutritional content is lost because the juice has not been exposed to heat, however this claim is unsubstantiated with no testing having been done on the juices after sitting on a shelf for 30 days. Skeptics believe that although HPP is a less destructive process than heat pasteurization, nutrients are still denatured by the excessive pressure, and also that a juice, like a vegetable, loses nutrients after being stored for such an extensive period of time.

This issue requires much more research to be resolved, but here is how we at Jujubeet feel:

If you have access to organic fresh-pressed juice for the same price as an HPP juice in the grocery store, choose the fresh one! When you compare a bottle of Jujubeet alongside a juice from the grocery store, the color difference alone proves the superiority in quality, as does the taste. That said, if you are traveling or don't have access to unprocessed juice, HPP juice is better than no juice!

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