Posted on April 22 2016

By Alicia Reeves


mother earth

Happy Earth Day! In light of spreading awareness about our beautiful planet’s health, Jujubeet is going green in a couple of big ways this year.

Last week Jujubeet hosted a grand opening party for our new juice café on Main Street in Bellevue. Our menu is made up of almost entirely vegan options with a few vegetarian selections. One of the reasons Jujubeet is so proud to offer a variety of plant-based food and drink options is because of the positive impact this has on our planet. Eating a primarily plant-based diet reduces your carbon footprint significantly. (Calculate your carbon footprint here.) By reducing or eliminating meat and dairy consumption and thus lessening your carbon footprint, you are lessening the effect of practices that hurt the environment.

For example, did you know that 80% of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest is associated with cattle ranching? Or that cattle account for about 20% of all United States methane emissions? Some meats produce more carbon emissions than others with beef producing twice as much emissions as pork, quadruple the emissions of chicken and 13 times the amount of emissions produced by plant-based proteins such as beans, lentils and nuts. (Source). And get this - some factory farms have been found to produce the same amount of sewage as a small city! (Source).

Due to increased awareness of the toll meat and dairy consumption has on our environment, thirty-day vegan challenges of different sorts and meatless Mondays are growing more and more popular. Of course stopping in for delicious plant-based Jujubeet food is also another way to honor the earth and eat a healthy, nutritious meal at the same time!

At Jujubeet we are also working on cutting down our waste. You may have noticed that some of our packaging has changed. This is because we are transitioning to compostable and recyclable materials. Reducing waste is better for the earth and is a great way to reduce business costs.

We will also be moving towards predominantly online communication for sharing news about products, upcoming specials and Jujubeet news in general. Currently we use flyers in our stores to display information about events and sales. With an exception to on-going services and product information, we are cutting down on the amount of printed marketing materials in our stores. Interested in finding out about our next promotion or learning about the benefits of juicing or nutritious sources of plant-based protein? Follow us on social media to get the scoop. We love hearing from you and certainly have an abundance of fascinating nutritional and product information to share. Send us a message on Facebook, leave a comment on Instagram or say hello to us on Twitter.

If Jujubeet is going green you can too. What kinds of changes will you make at work or in your personal life to promote a healthier planet?


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